High-intensity interval training is a simple way to get fit with short workouts and minimal equipment. Here are 3 workouts to try.

Person working out at a gym.
Person working out at a gym.
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I hate the gym. It’s ironic considering I’m a personal trainer, but I’m telling the truth. I truly hate going to the gym. I get frustrated by the lack of available weights, and overwhelmed by the large number of people in a small area, and I hate the 20-minute drive. When I became a personal trainer, I noticed the clients I worked with had a similar feeling. Finding a mutual time to do an hour-long training session or waiting for equipment we needed were constant battles we struggled with.

After a particularly frustrating training session, I began to look for…

Tested and proven exercise routines you can use to build your own strength

A woman lifts a weight.
A woman lifts a weight.
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What if I told you building strength was within your grasp? The potential to strengthen your body is there for almost any age, weight, or level of gym savviness. Time constraints, lack of knowledge, or the confusion of countless articles contradicting each other may have you feeling like your strength goals are not attainable. Don’t give up!

I am a certified personal trainer with an additional Weight Loss Specialist certification. I’ve worked with numerous clients to create workout plans designed to grow their muscular strength. …

Pursuing health needs to be the goal, not weight loss.

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The scale has become a place of fear, anxiety, shame, and frustration. Incredibly strong and powerful people see a number and instantly become ridden with embarrassment, doubt, and shame. Here is the truth, you are this strong and powerful person and it does not have to be this way.

I know this idea of weight loss has become something on your mind constantly.

I see you going out to eat with friends and doing the mental math on how many calories you can eat or the fear of what your friends will think of you.

I see you starting new…

Don’t worry, you are not the only one overwhelmed

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A walk into the gym shows countless weights staring back with menace and intimidation.

A quick search for weights on Amazon gives a overwhelming feeling with hundreds of options for size, color, and shape.

An online search for the correct weight to use brings up articles using words heard last in 8th grade PE class and no one wants to be reminded of those times.

This was my experience when I began to workout for the first time two years ago. …

It is not a question of physical ability, but two mental questions you need to answer.

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I have started and failed countless exercise routines.

I quit CrossFit after a month of dreading the early morning workouts. I tried weight lifting countless times and loathed the soreness I constantly felt. I did my best to fall in love with Yoga and found myself constantly bored with no Zen to speak off.

You and I both know exercise is a valuable tool for our physical and mental health, yet we struggle to develop this habit of consistently exercising. This idea of consistently…

I am so sorry for the lies that have been told to you.

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You have been told a lie about weight loss.

The lie that if weight was lost, the love you have for yourself would increase.

That maybe then there would be a confidence with your body. Maybe then there would be joy discovered in yourself.

Please listen to the truth.

You are amazing in the body you have right now.

You are a incredible in the body you have right now.

You have so much value in the body you have right now.

Weight and weight loss is…

If you are feeling lost and frustrated, you need to keep reading. There is hope for you.

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Weight Loss

This phrase carries so much emotion doesn’t it?

Diets, working out, calories, scales, tracking everything

Frustration, anger, confused, worry, longing, desperation

Feeling like you are doing everything right, stepping on the scale and instantly feeling hopeless, worthless, and scared.

Weight Loss means all of these things and so much more for so many people.

Let me be very clear to you reading this, THERE IS HOPE. And its right in front of you.

The start of hope is this, who are…

Jacob Lucero

Founder of Sactown Athletics. ACE Personal Trainer. NASM Weight Loss Specialist.

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